Making Unforgettable Memories

My longtime followers may remember these pics from previous posts. Forgive me for using them once again but this trip to Hawaii has been on my mind recently. Some may also know that my hubby is a professional pilot and I occasionally get to travel with him across the country and around the world to places like Paris, London, Germany, Cabo, Puerto Rico, and a previous trip to Maui.

So why was this trip so special, you may ask. Well, this trip was planned entirely by my hubby to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in 2019. It was not tied to his work schedule and he was just a passenger sitting next to me, instead of the captain in the cockpit. That is not the norm.

My hubby realized that I loved Maui and the people there after I tagged along on one of his previous flights to the island. For that reason, he planned on Maui as our first stop on our magnificent vacation. Before coming home, we also flew into Honolulu for a few days. Seeing Honolulu had been my dream ever since I was a little girl. It was a place that I never believed possible to get to but I dreamed and a special person made it happen.

As I look at the life behind me, I remember many things that I believed would be impossible for me to do. I realize that they definitely may have been hopeless if not for a friend, a teacher, or a cherished family member who held out a hand or said an encouraging word needed at the time. Sometimes, all it takes one person to take the first step and then another person takes the reins over the next hurdle. That is how memories are made.

Make a memory in one person’s day and you might have just made one for yourself too.

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