The Stone Family

Just three days ago, I said on my “The Art and the Artist” post that I rarely take photographs of people and here I go and take on an entire family portrait!

Say hello to the
Stone Family

Spotted this clan as I was walking along the shores of Lake Michigan. I thought they were quite creative and fun. Don’t you?

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Photographing Public Art Challenge
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Stone

Contemplative Shakespeare

Dallas Arboretum & Botanic Garden

In the Garden – A Contemplative Shakespeare

Shakespeare by artist Gary Lee Price, featured at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden.

Photographing Public Art Challenge #7
Pull Up a Seat

Old Man and His Dog

Fraze Pavilion

Old Man and His Dog

While walking along the Fraze Pavilion walking trail in Dayton, Ohio, I came across these captivating bronze sculptures. The Old Man and His Dog by Glenna Goodacre, have been enjoying their spots at the Lincoln Park Civic Commons since 2007.

Photographing Public Art Challenge